AKK FOOD & PACKAGING (M) SDN BHD was established and incorporated in Malaysia since 2014 and subsequently diversify intofood industry with Priority Aim to Supply and Marketing consumable safe food noodles in the market.
In view of good response and market encouragement, we finally set up our factory at Penang, Malaysia. Our company main objective is to produce and prepared Fast, Quality, Tasty, Reasonable and Save consumption food such as Instant Noodles for the market.
Presently, we are producing two flavours Instant Noodles, ie namely Penang White Curry Noodle and Penang Green Curry Rice Vermicelli.
Our product, Instant Noodles Paste is made with original ingredients and the taste has been proven and accepted widely in China, Taiwan, Dubai and few Asean countries during our participation of Food Fair at various countries


Our products name “De FAMTES 加嗒嗒”, has been registered that have been classified into two different flavors, which are PENANG WHITE CURRY NOODLES and PENANG GREEN CURRY RICE VERMICELLI.
Our product ( De FAMTES 加嗒嗒) is fully import from Malaysia, with certified by HALAL and Health Department. AKK FOOD & PACKAGING (M) SDN BHD used to provide high quality product for customers and make them satisfy to our service and product as well.


AKK FOOD & PACKAGING (M) SDN BHD was focused and concentrated on several countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Dubai and Indonesia.
All those countries been selected which able to create more potential, demand market, and great opportunity for our product ( De FAMTES 加嗒嗒) to promote as well. Besides that, we had make evaluation and research about market potential in those provinces and areas as well as we could develop improvement and serving customers to be more satisfaction and confident to our product ( De FAMTES 加嗒嗒).